Unblocked is very similar to the game Minecraft. You have to set up your base and protect the base against zombie attacks. The attacks on the attack will become more and more difficult. If you want to build a bigger base, you can join your friends, but the incoming zombie attack will also be bigger.
The goal of the game is to see the most nights without dying. In order to see the most nights you need to some tips about Unblocked at the school Zombsio:
• You should give importance to developing walls.
• Because the towers have important features, you should take care to place them.
• You must build gold mines as quickly as possible to keep your gold income high.
How to Play Zombsio?
• Place gold to build base as first job
• Collect the surrounding stone and wood to make the towers.
• Build gold mines to start producing gold because you will need to buy things.
• Most importantly, pay attention to the construction of walls and towers to protect what you are doing.
Let's see if you can build a very good base and rely on zombie attacks the most.

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