Shell Shockers

How to play ? game controls

While the Shell Shockers  has proven that it is one of the most played free io games, it is also quite easy to play. Even a beginner can learn how to play the game within minutes. However, you should make several practices before you feel ready for the battle against experienced players. Thousands of players keep playing the game each day and some of them are really talented. If you want to have a chance against them, you should learn about game controls very well.

In order to move your player across the game arena, you can use ASDW and arrow keys. In order to fire your weapon, you should perform a left mouse click. If you want to jump, you need to press the space key while you have to press the E key to switch between your weapons. The shift key lets you take aim and the Q key enables you to throw a grenade at your enemies.

Shell Shockers

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Shell Shockers